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WR Meadows Introduces Perminator Evoh

W. R. Meadows rolls out its newest addition to their vapor barrier product line with Perminator Evoh. This seven-layer co-extruded barrier manufactured from state-of- the-art polyethylene and Evoh resin is specifically designed for brownfield sites. Perminator Evoh provides superior resistance to gas and moisture transmissions. Perminator Evoh is a highly resilient underslab barrier designed to restrict gases, such as gasoline, solvents, oils, and hydrocarbons from migrating through the ground and into the concrete slab. The product also protects against naturally occurring gases such as radon and methane.

Perminator Evoh efficiently resists gas and moisture migration as part of a passive or active building
envelope control system. It can be effectively installed across floors, walls, and crawlspaces, greatly
reducing condensation, mold, fungus, mildew, and degradation. Perminator Evoh’s seven-layer protection with its EVOH gas barrier core is tough enough to not crack, puncture, snag, split, or tear easily on the construction site.

“Perminator Evoh completes W. R. Meadows’ line of vapor barriers by offering an option for a strong gas barrier membrane that is durable and efficient as part of a complete system in preventing contaminents in the soil from penetrating the structure,” says Glenn Tench, director of marketing for W.R. Meadows.

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