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W.R. Meadows Releases Dual-Action Acrylic Curing Compound

New from W.R. Meadows is Pencure OTC, a unique, dual-action, non-yellowing, acrylic curing compound for fresh, exterior, broomed concrete. It is clear, transparent, and easy to apply. Pencure OTC has been formulated to simultaneously form a membrane to cure the concrete while also penetrating into the surface to aid in the reduction of water and salts into the concrete. Pencure OTC is ideal for use on surfaces such as driveways, patios, and parking lots.

Pencure OTC offers multiple features including a simple, single-step application method. It minimizes crazing and shrinking cracks common to improperly cured or uncured concrete. Pencure OTC complies with ASTM C309, Type 1, Class A and B. Its permeable film allows moisture in cured concrete to evaporate. Pencure OTC provides a low-gloss, satin appearance. It is a clean membrane that will not yellow.

“The combination of film-forming and penetrating makes Pencure OTC an exciting addition to our line of concrete curing compounds,” says Jim Becker, Product Group Manager, Construction Liquids, W. R. Meadows. “Pencure OTC is an excellent option for complete, efficient curing of commercial and residential concrete.”

Further information about Pencure OTC can be found at

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