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World Cement Association appoints CNBM Chairman Zhiping Song as its new President

Zhiping Song, Chairman of China National Building Materials (CNBM) has been appointed the new President of the World Cement Association. This is the first time a representative from a Chinese organisation has taken the helm of an international cement association.

Mr. Song gave his first keynote address as President yesterday morning at the WCA World Cement Conference in London, organised in association with Intercem. More than 100 senior delegates from 29 countries attended the first edition of this global event.

“It is a great honour for me to speak at this conference and a good opportunity for us to share our experience, build consensus and seek common development,” Mr. Song said.

The Chairman of the World Cement Association, Mr. Emir Adiguzel, commented: “We are delighted Mr. Song has accepted the Presidency of the WCA. CNBM is the world’s largest provider of cement and this appointment reflects the growing importance of China in the global cement industry, as well as the WCA’s commitment to connecting the cement community in all countries across the world.”

Mr. Song’s speech marked the opening of the conference which focused on key issues and challenges the cement industry is facing, including sustainability and global overcapacity.

In his keynote address, Mr. Song explained how CNBM is working to reduce overcapacity and increase industrial concentration by implementing large-scale rationalisation, reducing new production and reorganising M&A strategy, while expanding the business.

“We have been increasing the degree of industrial concentration of cement in China from 12% in 2006 to 57% in 2016, which set an example for the whole industry,” Mr. Song said.

As Chairman of the world’s largest provider of cement, with a capacity of 530 million tons per year, Mr. Song emphasised CNBM’s efforts in the area of environmental protection: “The production of cement strongly depends on resources and is sensitive to the environment […] We put environment first because we know that some changes will be irreversible if the environment is damaged.”

CNBM relies on recycling and uses the heat of burnt industrial waste to power its plants whenever possible. Technological innovation allows the cement group to optimise the production cycle to reduce emissions and energy consumption. As the newly appointed President of the World Cement Association, Mr. Song will embrace the importance of joint efforts: “I want to unite members, actively strive for support from all sectors including governments and non-governmental organisations, safeguard interests of the industry, fulfil social responsibilities and promote the sustainable development of the global cement industry in the future.”

Zhiping Song has over 30 years of experience in business and management in China’s building material industry. He has been Chairman of CNBM since October 2005, and previously he served other board-level roles at China United, BNBMG and China National Pharmaceutical Group Corporation.

At present Mr. Song consecutively acts as the Vice President of China Building Materials Industry Association, China Enterprise Confederation, China’s Listed Companies Association, China Logistics Alliance Network, China Capital Entrepreneurs’ Club and he is Chairman of the Board of China Federation of Industrial Economics.

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