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Suppliers track concrete in transit

GCP has created a new advancement for the ready mix concrete industry—in-transit concrete management. This cutting-edge system leverages the Internet of Things (IoT) to monitor, measure and manage concrete slump between plant and jobsite, through automated water and admixture additions in the ready-mix truck’s rotating drum.

GCP’s Verifi in-transit concrete management system is a solution that lets ready mix suppliers make and deliver highly workable, high-quality concrete to the job site. GCP says the Verifi system is the industry’s only comprehensive solution for in-transit concrete management.

Verifi continuously monitors and reports on the truck delivery phase and concrete properties. When concrete slump is not on target, Verifi makes the necessary adjustment by adding the precise quantity of water or admixtures.

In addition, the Verifi system features: 

  • Technology to automate quality control and slump testing during all phases of the delivery cycle
  • Data collection, storage and analytics 
  • A web-based monitoring platform with dashboards that are easy to read.
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