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SuperMoney Launches Unprecedented Point of Sale Financing Platform

SuperMoney, a leading financial service comparison site, has announced the launch of an innovative new No-Fee Financing Platform that offers affordable point of sale financing opportunities for small businesses nationwide. Built on top of SuperMoney’s consumer loan offer engine technology – which has exceeded more than half a billion dollars in loan requests since launching one year ago – the company’s new No-Fee Financing Platform is making point of sale financing available for
merchants and service providers across all industries including home improvement, healthcare and specialty retail.

Small businesses can get set up to offer financing in a matter of minutes with this sleek new platform and SuperMoney is partnering with banks, credit unions, and direct lenders to provide competing financing offers for the consumer.

“We are empowering businesses with a full-featured point of sale financing solution that has been unattainable for millions of small businesses nationwide,” said Miron Lulic, founder and CEO of SuperMoney. “Until now, the point of sale financing options available to small businesses have been archaic and painfully expensive.”

Because small businesses represent more than 99% of US companies, millions of businesses have been suffering from expensive and inefficient financing solutions for their customers – with rates typically up to 10%.

“We’re expanding opportunities for merchants to boost sales at no cost to them,” said Lulic. “It’s also allowing consumers the opportunity to receive competing financing offers with more transparency when making purchases. This is a game-changer for economic growth.”

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