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Professional Products Direct Joins the Concrete Foundations Association

Professional Products Direct has joined the CFA. The company provides a range of high quality professional products at wholesale prices to help you successfully complete your construction project.

They carry a full line of sealants that are designed to protect porous surfaces from environmental damage. The company’s SingleClean and SingleSeal Freeze Protect are just the solution you need for sealing outdoor structures and preventing moisture from leaching into the pores. It dries clear so it can safely be used above-ground as a grade line sealer without getting the messy look that tar leaves behind. SingleClean and SingleSeal Freeze Protect will not chip or discolor, so it can safely be used in all concrete applications, and it can also be used as a concrete blanket for sealing construction projects in their early stages. If you want a long-lasting product that will keep your projects safe for years, our sealants are the answer.

SingleClean and SingleSeal Freeze Protect can be used on concrete, brick, stucco, pavers and more as an all-purpose construction sealer and freeze protectant.

For cleaning all types of construction surfaces, including those coated with efflorescence, the company offers SingleClean. This all-purpose cleaning solution quickly gets rid of dirt and grime buildup, residue, efflorescence and crystallization that has formed on your brick, stucco and concrete materials.

CFA members receive education and technology resources, answers to technical questions, networking, awards and more. To learn more about joining the Concrete Foundations Association as a member, see their website,

Professional Products Direct
6771 Eastside Rd.
Redding, CA 96001
Rick Arons
(888) 384-0879

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