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Post-It Introduces Extreme Notes

Introducing Post-it Extreme Notes – an innovative product designed to facilitate communication in tough conditions. A first of its kind, Post-it Extreme Notes stick to textured surfaces and withstand extreme conditions, including those found on construction sites. Ideal for punch lists and reminders, the notes can securely stick to surfaces such as tile, steel, cement, PVC and more.

Made with ultra-strong Dura-Hold Paper and Adhesive, Post-it Extreme Notes can withstand exposure to elements like wind, moisture, heat (up to 120°F), and cold (down to 0°F). They are also water-resistant so you can leave a measurement, note or reminder directly on a dry roof or surface, making communication on a job-site easier.

Post-it Extreme Notes will be available at major national retailers beginning March 2018. Visit for more information.

*Not recommended for use on paper. Apply to dry surface, then can get wet.
*Inks used on Post-it Extreme Notes that are not waterproof may run or smear in wet conditions.

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