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14 Jan 2019

Bon’s Double Edger Finishes Wall Tops in One Pass

Bon’s Double Edger features two radius sides to finish top of walls in one pass. This edger is available in three sizes, each cuts a 3/8” radius edge on one side and a 1/8” radius cut on the other side. The double sided tool is a useful for walls, forms

concrete texture
12 Jan 2019

New Super Durable Concrete Developed by FEFU Engineers

The new brand of concrete was designed for the construction of the runway strips and should make them more reliable and safe. The composition developed is 46 percent stronger than the brands known, has an improved static compressive strength, and high shock endurance. The uniqueness of the development is confirmed

10 Jan 2019

Blastcrete Equipment’s Refractory Paddle Mixer Delivers Speed and Reliability

Blastcrete Equipment LLC, a long-time manufacturer of shotcrete and gunite mixers and pumps, offers a Refractory Paddle Mixer that delivers fast mix times while working with mixtures that include aggregates up to a half-inch (13 millimeters) thick. The hydraulic machine mixes as much as 500 pounds (227 kilograms) of refractory

08 Jan 2019

Lind Equipment Introduces Efficient, Labor-Saving LED Temporary Lighting System

Bye-bye stringlights. Hello industry-first: An integrated, adaptable lighting system poised to revolutionize the jobsite. Lind Equipment – leaders in portable LED construction lighting – announces a redesigned LED Jobsite suite of products. The LED Jobsite now provides a complete system of temporary lighting that greatly increases efficiency on the jobsite

06 Jan 2019

Kapro Tools Wins Two 2018 Pro Tool Innovation Awards

Kapro Tools received two Pro Tool Innovation Awards. The winning tools are the 946M-Smarty Magnetic Optivision Cast level on the Hand Tools – Levels category and the 873G ProLaser Green vector Laser level on the Line Laser Levels category. A panel of judges made up of tool and media professionals

04 Jan 2019


The American Concrete Institute is pleased to announce Ahmad Mhanna as the Institute’s Middle East Regional Director. In this new staff position, Mhanna will focus on ACI’s comprehensive plan to increase knowledge-sharing throughout the Middle East. The great innovation occurring now in the region combined with ACI’s one-hundred-plus years of