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New Confast Carbon Steel Zinc-plated Acorn Head Sleeve Anchor

The Confast carbon steel zinc plated acorn head sleeve anchor is a versatile anchor that can be used in a variety of base material, including solid concrete, brick and block.

Features and Benefits of Split Drive Anchors:
The standard carbon steel zinc plated anchors will offer sufficient rust resistance for dry, indoor environments. Light to heavy duty fastening application requirements will be satisfied by use of the carbon steel zinc plated sleeve anchor.

Additional Technical Information:
The length of a sleeve anchor is measured from under the head to the end of the anchor. A sleeve anchor’s diameter is designated as the outside diameter of the sleeve anchor. The thread size that is inside of the sleeve is smaller: a 3/8-inch anchor has a 5/16-inch diameter threaded bolt.

Hole: The hole to be drilled in the base material is equal to the diameter of the sleeve anchor being used.

Length: To determine the length of sleeve anchor required, add the thickness of the material to be fastened, plus minimum embedment, plus the thickness of the nut and washer. The sum of these three items equals the minimum sleeve anchor length. The sleeve anchor requires no maximum hole depth. The depth of the hole in the base material should be at least the length of the sleeve anchor minus the thickness of the material being fastened. This will provide some extra depth to accommodate a minor amount of concrete cuttings, which may not be able to be cleaned out of the hole.

Spacing: The forces on a sleeve anchor are transferred to the material in which it is installed. If the anchors are installed too close together, it can cause an interaction of the forces, thus reducing the holding power of the anchor. As a rule of thumb, the expansion anchor industry has established a minimum standard of ten (10) anchor diameters for spacing between anchors and five (5) anchor diameters from an unsupported edge. When vibration or sudden impacts are part of the load conditions, the spacing should be increased.

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