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GeoKrete Geopolymer Awarded “Reduced Carbon Footprint” Certification

Quadex LLC, a division of the Vortex Companies recently announced that its GeoKrete Geopolymer mortar has received Reduced Carbon Footprint Certification by SCS Global Services, an internationally recognized sustainability certification body. GeoKrete was evaluated for its lower overall carbon footprint as it relates to potential greenhouse gas emissions from raw material extraction through manufacturing, use and end-of-life.

GeoKrete Geopolymer is a fully structural corrosion resistant lining solution for the rehabilitation of large diameter pipe, culverts, tunnels, manholes and other non-round infrastructure. “We are extremely pleased with this certification and will continue to strive to deliver products that are not only effective, but environmentally responsible,” said Neil Wisener, President of Quadex.

“Concrete, as a material, is one of the leading emitters of carbon dioxide, contributing as much as 5% to global carbon dioxide levels. GeoKrete replaces the need for traditional concrete repair systems, thereby reducing the overall contribution to global warming emissions,” said Keith Killpack, Manager of the Life Cycle Assessment team at SCS.

Stricter regulations and public pressure are forcing cities, counties and asset owners to identify and use more environmentally conscious products. GeoKrete is not only a cost-effective form of trenchless rehabilitation and a next generation structural coating solution, but is now proven to provide the added benefit of a reduced carbon footprint.

Quadex has been developing and manufacturing advanced repair materials for water and sewer infrastructure since 1991. The company specializes in geopolymers, hybrid cements, epoxies, and patching materials as well as the design of custom application equipment.

The Vortex Companies is one of the fastest growing trenchless solution providers in the water, sewer and industrial markets. Its list of services includes turnkey bypass, pipe lining, structural and corrosion protection materials, pipe bursting, trenchless robotic systems, and pipe and drain cleaning tools. For more information on both Quadex and Vortex, go to:

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