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GCP Applied Technologies Showcases Concrete Technologies at CONEXPO

GCP Applied Technologies Inc. (NYSE: GCP), formerly the Grace Construction Products division of W.R. Grace, exhibited several new technology platforms at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada, including Verifi In-transit Concrete Management system, Concera Admixtures for Control Flow Concrete, Clarena Aggregate Management Solutions, TYTRO Shotcrete System, and its new Sinta synthetic microfiber brand.

“CONEXPO is a great opportunity for us to show existing and new customers how our industry expertise and technical knowledge enable us to develop innovative concrete solutions,” said Craig Merrill, vice president of global marketing, GCP.

The Verifi In-Transit Concrete Management System is the first of its kind to monitor, measure and manage concrete properties in transit. It offers a new level of concrete quality control and helps increase product consistency, increasing jobsite efficiency and minimizing costly project delays.

“The Verifi technology offers our customers an intelligence advantage that helps them be more profitable and stay strong in today’s competitive market,” said Susan Dalton, vice president of Verifi, GCP. “It provides ‘Middle-Mile Visibility’ in real time to help producers and contractors consistently meet target concrete specifications, while lowering production costs and reducing waste.”

The patent-pending Concera Admixtures for Control Flow Concrete impart conventional mix designs with unconventional performance. Concera admixtures enable the production of Control Flow Concrete, a new category of highly flowable segregation resistant concrete using conventional mix designs.

“The technology engineered into the Concera admixtures allows contractors to complete projects faster, while reducing labor costs to place and finish,” said Merrill. “Our industry partners are excited to take advantage of the new Concera admixture technology to enhance quality, performance and improve project profitability.”

Designed with ready mix and aggregate producers in mind, the Clarena Aggregate Management Admixture portfolio helps to mitigate the negative effects of poor quality aggregates on concrete performance.

“We know it’s important for ready mix and aggregate producers to continuously provide consistent product performance,” said Pung Chan, global marketing director, GCP. “The clay mitigating agents in the Clarena family of products not only remove production variability, but can also provide materials flexibility and cost savings. We are excited to offer our customers these innovative technologies for material, operational and productivity management.”

The GCP’s TYTRO Shotcrete System, a complete state-of-the-art admixture solution, makes shotcrete for underground construction better, faster and less expensive than conventional systems available today.

“Our technical specialists have analyzed the unique challenges of underground construction projects to create customized mix designs, delivering the most optimized and cost efficient concrete mix for each project. We also support our customers with world class site support and training,” said Merrill.

The company also presented its complete portfolio of durability admixtures, including the industry-leading STRUX macrofibers product family and its new SintaTM microfibers brand. GCP durability products enable owners, engineers, contractors, and producers to extend the service life of concrete.

“GCP Applied Technologies is the new name of our company. However, customers can continue to trust and rely on our expertise and innovation, as they have been for generations,” Merrill said.

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