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Dewalt Introduces First Line of Sledge Hammers and Axes

Dewalt has introduced a new line of seven ExoCore Sledge Hammers and three Axes all featuring carbon fiber composite handles for durability, overstrike protection and light tool weight. These are the first-ever Dewalt sledge hammers and axes.

Available in 6-, 8-, and 12-pound versions with a 32-inch handle and 4-pound with a 12-inch handle, Dewalt ExoCore Sledge Hammers feature an efficient strike face for a clean and effective break and a carbon fiber composite overlay that helps prevent damage. The range is designed to meet a variety of needs and applications from metal and drywall to driving a punch or chisel.

Dewalt ExoCore Axes are available in 20 oz. with a 12-inch handle and 3.5 single bit and 4.5-pound log splitter with a 32-inch handle. All Dewalt ExoCore Axes feature a scalloped cutting edge, which ensure a deep cut and improved release from material, and carbon fiber composite handles for overstrike protection. The durable rubber over-mold on the grip provides comfort.

Available now where Dewalt products are sold, the ExoCore Sledge Hammers and Axes will come with a limited lifetime warranty for $29.99-$54.97 MSRP.

DWHT56028: 8 lb. EXOCORE Sledge Hammer
DWHT45026: 4 lb. EXOCORE Sledge Hammer
DWHT56025: 4 lb. EXOCORE Blacksmith Sledge Hammer
DWHT56027: 6 lb. EXOCORE Sledge Hammer
DWHT56029: 10 lb. EXOCORE Sledge Hammer
DWHT56030: 12 lb. EXOCORE Sledge Hammer
DWHT56024: 4 lb. EXOCORE Sledge Hammer

DWHT56033: 4.5 lb. EXOCORE Log Splitter
DWHT56032: 3.5 lb. EXOCORE Single Bit Axe
DWHT56031: 20 oz. EXOCORE Camper’s Hatchet

Dewalt is obsessed with how users work in the real world and is relentlessly pursuing total jobsite solutions. By incorporating its latest technology and industry innovations, Dewalt is leading the charge for the jobsite of the future. Dewalt products. GUARANTEED TOUGH. For more information, visit or follow Dewalt on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

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