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Cat Phones Introduces Rugged S31 and S41 Smartphones

Cat phones launched the Cat S31 in the United States in December 2017 and the S41 in October 2017, the newest rugged and resilient smartphone in the Cat family. The Cat S31 is packed with features for harsh or outdoor environments, including an optimized screen for use in direct sunlight or when wet, and a powerful battery for long-lasting use. The Cat S41 is the successor to the Cat S40 smartphone and carries the legacy of the Caterpillar brand, well known for high quality and rugged reliability.

The successor to the Cat S30 smartphone, the Cat S31 was designed for mobile users who work in a range of industries or take part in recreational activities which regularly put their mobile phone under stress. These consumers come from trades including construction, agriculture, security, and vehicle repair, or enjoy activities such as hiking, fishing, and biking. After conducting thorough research of 22,000 Cat phone users around the world, Cat packed the S31 with the upgrades and key features customers most valued, including battery capability, rugged credentials and display technology.

The Cat phone user survey found more than three-quarters of respondents cited long battery as essential, and 98 percent considered it a highly valued key feature. The survey also showed 76 percent of users had damaged their previous mobile phone, which unsurprisingly, is why 94 percent of respondents value the drop proof feature of Cat phones, and 71 percent said a scratch-resistant screen is essential.

The Cat S31 builds on Cat phones’ heritage of creating rugged devices, with heavy-duty credentials including IP68 water and dust proof, and MIL SPEC 810G. Like all Cat smartphones in the range, the Cat S31 is tested to withstand repeated drop tests on concrete up to 5 feet 9 inches, from every orientation. It’s also waterproof tested to a depth of 6.5 feet for 35 minutes, and able to withstand thermal shocks. Its bright 4.7″ HD display is protected by scratch-resistant Corning Gorilla Glass 3 and can be read in direct sunlight with a touchscreen that can be controlled with wet fingers or when wearing gloves.

The Cat S41 is a rugged and resilient smartphone with a massive and powerful battery, designed to keep users connected no matter what challenges the day presents. Running full Android capabilities, the Cat S41 is specifically engineered for consumers who work across a range of industries or pursue recreational activities that regularly put their smartphone at risk of damage including construction, first responders, forestry, agriculture, security and vehicle repair, as well as activities such as skiing, hiking, fishing, biking, home DIY and cooking. View the Cat S41 in action here.

A massive 5000mAh battery forms the heart of the Cat S41, providing up to 38 hours 3G talk time and as much as 44 days standby. The Cat S41’s Battery Share functionality allows the phone to serve as a power bank, easily charging other devices and accessories through an included USB Battery Share connector, while reserving a predetermined power level for the phone based on an easy-to-navigate, in-app slider.

In addition to its extended battery capabilities, the Cat S41 was designed to address key features most valued by customers. In a study of nearly 22,000 Cat phone users, 76 percent said a long battery life was essential, while 98 percent ranked it as a highly valued key feature. The survey also showed 76 percent of respondents have damaged their previous mobile phone, leading to 94 percent who consider drop proof a necessity, and another 71 percent who said a scratch resistant screen is essential.

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