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Aquajet Systems Rotolance Hydrodemolition Attachments Roughen Concrete Surfaces

Aquajet Systems AB, a global leader in hydrodemolition machine manufacturing, offers the Rotolance attachments. The powerful tool works in conjunction with Aquajet’s Aqua Cutter 710 hydrodemolition robots as well as the Aqua Spine and Aqua Frame to deliver water pressures in excess of 36,000 psi through a specially designed pattern of nozzles. This effectively cleans, removes and roughens concrete surfaces, leaving a better bonding surface for new concrete or alternative materials. Contractors also can use the Rotolance to remove rubber coatings, paint, rust, plastic and other various materials. The tool serves as a light-removal alternative to Aqua Cutter robots meant to remove deeper sections of concrete.

“We are always working to provide our customers with innovative solutions to increase productivity and efficiency on the jobsite,” said Roger Simonsson, Aquajet Systems managing director. “The Rotolance is a powerful and efficient tool providing contractors added versatility when scarifying concrete and removing various materials. Not only is our attachment safer than hand lances, it can be operated around the clock due to its computer-controlled automation, saving contractors significant time and money.”

Hydrodemolition uses high-pressure water jets to precisely remove sound, deteriorated or damaged concrete. The sustainable method leaves rebar undamaged while protecting and preserving existing concrete. The method eliminates vibrations that cause microfracturing and minimizes exposure to harmful silica dust. Additionally, hydrodemolition leaves a uniformly scarified surface ready to accept new material.

Aquajet offers two models — the Rotolance 1000 and Rotolance 2500 — both able to cover a surface diameter as wide as 14 inches (360 mm). This method creates no dust pollution as the attachment avoids the use of sand blasting. Additionally, there is no contaminated sand to dispose of while using the attachment. Both feature unique ceramic nozzles specifically designed for demanding hydrodemolition applications. The highly-efficient nozzles last 300-350 hours, depending on the water quality. In comparison, standard steel nozzles used on competitive equipment last just 20-40 hours. Each Rotolance model is widely used in various applications including roads, bridges, airports, harbors, sewage pipes and water reservoirs.

Over time, concrete surfaces become slippery, and high-pressure water offers a solution by easily roughening the concrete layer before laying a new coating. The Rotolance 1000 uses pressures up to 36,259 psi (2,500 bar) to quickly and precisely remove a shallow layer of concrete, leaving a superior bonding surface. The Rotolance 2500 works at pressures up to 14,503 psi (1,000 bar) and leaves a smooth surface when cleaning or removing hard paint, rust and rubber from areas such as ship hulls and storage tanks.

Both models weigh about 242 pounds (110 kilograms) and easily attach to Aquajet’s 710 Aqua Cutter hydrodemolition robots. Similarly, the Rotolance also can replace the regular cutting heads on the Aqua Spine and Aqua Frame. By combining the Rotolance with a spine or frame, operators can remove concrete that would be difficult or impossible to reach with a robot alone.

Aquajet offers a 1-year or 1,000 hour warranty on the Rotolance and offers equipment training with all products purchased. Additionally, Aquajet provides operators with more extensive training through the company’s Aquajet Academy program. The training program covers all aspects of advanced hydrodemolition, including streamlining work, safety practices, operating techniques and services.

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