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ACI Increases Investment in ACI Foundation Research Initiatives

The American Concrete Institute announced that it has provided the ACI Foundation with an additional one-time contribution of $360,000. These funds will be used by the ACI Foundation in 2018 and beyond to fund much-needed research in collaboration with the work of ACI committees.

This one-time contribution follows ACI’s commitment in 2017 to increase its annual funding to the ACI Foundation by providing $500,000 of annual mission funding and fully covering all operational expenses.

“This additional contribution from the American Concrete Institute will increase the ACI Foundation’s capacity to fund much-needed research,” stated Ron Burg, Executive Vice President, American Concrete Institute. “When coupled with funding from new and existing industry partners, the research projects to be funded are guaranteed to improve ACI’s technical knowledge and make our world stronger and safer.”

The ACI Foundation is a not-for-profit organization established by the American Concrete Institute to promote progress, innovation, and collaboration by supporting research and scholarships, while also serving as an independent resource to provide thought leadership and strategic direction for the concrete industry.

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