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21 Jul 2020

GPRS Uses Ground Penetrating Radar to Expand Business

Versatile technology helps company diversify the services they offer Many early adopters of ground penetrating radar (GPR) technology found concrete scanning to be the effective application. Those anchoring, saw cutting, or core drilling concrete would hire a contractor to scan the area before cutting to avoid accidentally hitting an object.

19 Jun 2019

Suppliers track concrete in transit

GCP has created a new advancement for the ready mix concrete industry—in-transit concrete management. This cutting-edge system leverages the Internet of Things (IoT) to monitor, measure and manage concrete slump between plant and jobsite, through automated water and admixture additions in the ready-mix truck’s rotating drum. GCP’s Verifi in-transit concrete

15 Jun 2019

ICF construction leverages thermal mass

In creating a LEED Platinum home in Fennville, Michigan, builder Jake Vierzen knew keeping the ICF home’s window-rich walls facing south delivered passive solar warming and cooling in the design of Prickly Pear Sanctuary. The south side is completely open, “and that allows that solar heat to be in all

11 Jun 2019

Excellence in values drives builder’s ICF homes

One of the leading builders of ICF homes in Michigan arrived at his concrete work with more than a decade of home construction experience. What Jake Vierzen has used in his ascent at his R-Value Homes is a high standard. He built homes for 11 years before starting R-Value, which

24 May 2019

Collaborative robots lift construction efficiency, safety

Vendor Triple E Equipment says that demand for construction robots will more than double in the next five years. “The hard truth is, there’s so much room for machinery because the construction industry is facing a serious worker shortage. The silver lining is that machines working in unison with humans

22 May 2019

Concrete masonry group invites nominations

The National Concrete Masonry Association has a June 1 deadline to nominate a colleague who deserves to be commended for their contributions and achievements that support the advancement of the industry. Consider nominating individuals whose accomplishments have yet to be publicly acknowledged. Each award has its own criteria and application