Student Housing: Biscayne Commons Residence Halls, JWU


The innovative tilt-up technology used to construct this 40,000 square foot student dormitory project was recognized with a 2012 TCA Tilt-Up Excellence in Achievement Award.

The 4-story Biscayne Commons Residence Halls were erected on the North Miami campus of Johnson & Wales University (JWU) to house 204 students, replacing an older structure irreparably damaged during Hurricane Wilma. An existing pool and outdoor recreation area were retained. Located within a metropolitan area, the access constraints and limitations within the limited site led to the use of tilt-up and cast-in- place concrete.

The award submissions described the process: “With the exception of a 30-foot wide crane access road, the available area on- site was completely covered with temporary casting slabs. There was no access on three sides of the building, so the walls, structural steel, and hollow-core planks had to be erected from inside the building footprint. Once the walls were in place, structural steel erection commenced, followed by the hollow-core planks and topping pours. During this time, the casting beds were reused for the construction of sequence two panels. The erection process was repeated on the second half of the building, followed by the installation of underground plumbing and electrical pipes and conduits, and ultimately the slab-on-grade.”

The structure was completed in 15 weeks, and interior work was able to commence in 11 weeks – minimizing the overall duration of construction.

Architect: Gallo Herbert Lebolo Architects, Deerfield Beach, FL
Design-Build General Contractor: JWR Construction Services, Deerfield Beach, FL
Structural Engineer: Bryntesen Structural Engineers, Fort Lauderdale, FL
Tilt Wall Contractor: Woodland Construction Company, Jupiter, FL

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