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2006-05-01 09:53:09
Concrete Makes a Solid Debut at Rochester Homearama
By: Jim Niehoff

For the first time ever, a home with exterior concrete walls was featured in the Rochester, N.Y., Homebuilders Association's Homearama 2002, which was held July 13 through July 28, 2002, at Blue Heron Hills in Walworth, N.Y.


The beautiful 2,430 sq. ft. home is located just a nine iron shot away from the golf course. The home is built with insulating concrete forms from footing to roofline. It features superior structural integrity, enhanced fire safety, exceptional energy efficiency and unmatched acoustical privacy.Other highlights include a sophisticated 21st century home automation and energy management system. A concrete patio, walkways and driveway, in addition to the cedar shake vinyl and cultured stone exterior, add beauty to this low maintenance home. The 3 bedroom, 3 bath ranch-style "Energy Star" home is built by @Home Builders.The president of @Home Builders, David Riedman, is also chairman of Homearama 2002. "Our goal was to build a home that was ideal for the homeowner in every way," said Riedman. "The environmental friendliness and durability of ICF construction played a role in our decision to showcase this technology."The home was co-sponsored by the New York Concrete Promotion Council (NYCPC) and the Northeast Cement Shippers Association (NECSA). In addition to the 22,000 consumers that visited the home during Homearama, the sponsors took advantage of the opportunity to educate the building industry about ICF construction during the home's construction. A May 21 barbecue seminar hosted by NYCPC and NECSA resulted in over 100 guests attending, representing a broad spectrum of the building industry, including builders, inspectors, code officials, engineers, architects, electricians, plumbers, designers, realtors and fire officials. The seminar attendees had the opportunity to tour the home, receive literature and have their questions answered by the builder and cement industry representatives. The sponsors of the home were also successful in attracting a good deal of media attention, with two area television stations and four newspapers providing editorial coverage.For more information about the Homearama home or concrete homebuilding in the state of New York, contact Joe DeFrancisco, director of Marketing and Promotions for the New York Concrete Promotion Council at (585) 436-8310.
Jim Niehoff is Residential Promotion Manager for the Portland Cement Association. He can be reached at 847-972-9108 or