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26 Mar 2019

Zero net energy: the new normal?

By Dave Gowers With energy efficiency increasingly becoming the focus of both commercial and residential construction, we must seriously consider ICF construction as being a realistic solution to this energy efficiency demand. But what does Zero Net Energy mean? Simply put, any structure designed for zero net energy must generate

22 Mar 2019

ICF strengths include climate change protection

By Dave Gowers As natural disasters sweep our nation, awareness is rapidly growing that building with Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) has the ability to prevent significant tragic damage to home and personal safety. Building with disaster-resistant methods such as ICF pose a solution to three very topical and urgent requirements:

08 Mar 2019

Bluetooth moisture meters enable pros to view moisture readings

FLIR Systems announced two moisture meters with Bluetooth connectivity: the FLIR MR59 Ball Probe Moisture Meter and the FLIR MR55 Pin Moisture Meter. The tools offer moisture remediation, pest control, home or building inspection, and floor installation professionals the ability to read moisture measurements from a mobile device. Wireless connectivity

06 Mar 2019

Webinar to demo software that ID’s flooring issues while concrete is workable

A webinar demonstration tomorrow (March 7, 1 PM EST) can give attendees a free trial of floor flatness and levelness (FFL) analysis software. ClearEdge3D and Rithm are introducing Rithm for Autodesk Navisworks QA. Rithm for Navisworks (RFN) improves ASTM E1155 reporting. One feature of the product is designed to deduce rework

06 Mar 2019

Makita rebar tying tool goes cordless

Makita has delivered a cordless tying solution for rebar and steel rod with the 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless Rebar Tying Tool Kit (model XRT01TK). The 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless Rebar Tying Tool has a tying capacity of up to 5,300 ties of #3 x #3 diameter rebar on

04 Mar 2019

Lura Stryker Roller Screed offers versatility

When it comes to flat concrete, Lura Enterprises spokesmen say that no job or pour is “too big, too small or too challenging” for the Lura Stryker Roller Screed from Lura Enterprises Inc. From jobsite to jobsite, versatility is key to an effective piece of equipment – and they said